Our Mission Stories

“I’m so glad I picked Ruleme Place!  All of the staff treat me so nice, just like I’m their family.  I love it”  -Suvilla P. – Customer


“The staff is very nice. They love her and spoil her rotten!  She says how much she likes the food.  I’m so glad she is there”  -Family Member of a Customer



Opis Ruleme Place Team Members focus on their mission daily, as demonstrated by their actions. They provide for our customers a dignified environment every day. They treat our customers with respect and dignity with every encounter.  Customers are addressed respectfully on approach, privacy is provided and choices are honored. Smiles are just another part of the routine at Ruleme Place. Customers who like to sit outside are offered a cool drink of their choice. Activities provided are diverse, so our customers have choices. Team members also support, listen and offer empathy to customers who have lost a loved one.

During our biannual survey, the surveyor commented on the respectful, homelike, warm feeling at Ruleme Place. He was very impressed with the younger attendants stating “you don’t find many young people as caring and respectful as the attendants at Ruleme Place.” He could tell that our customers are well cared for and live in a warm and safe environment. His exact words were “you can feel the love here at Ruleme Place.”

– Submitted by Opis Ruleme Place Team Members